New Song “Jurassic” to be released soon!

I am proud to announce the release of my newest EDM song "Jurassic". The song will be available from December 2020 and will be released digitally on Apple Music, Amazon Digital, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal HD. Song title: JurassicArtist: OlyLabel: Oly SoundsCopyright: ©...

Song Lyrics “Breakdown” (XAIA – Rainman & Oly)

[Verse 1]They said don't foldDon't forget all the things you've been taught you've been toldDon't blink, don't runDon't turn left or turn right or look straight at the sun [Pre-Chorus]My mind's going in circles, I'm trying to fight itGetting these voices inside to...

Song Lyrics “Listen To My Voice” (XAIA – Rainman & Oly)

Listen to my voice Forget all the noise for a minute You always have a choice but it’s hard to tell when you’re in it Listen to my voice It’ll be all right You don’t have to fight It’ll be alright Listen Listen to my voice x2 Listen to my voice Let the cadence carry...


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