Lianna “Oly” Sylvan

Lianna Sylvan, better known as Oly, is an independent singer, writer and musician from the United States. She is of Hispanic and Asian descent, and was born into a large, musical family. Her music has charted on Billboard, and she has written and recorded EDM/pop songs like “Bring Back The Summer” with Rain Man and “What You Do To Me” with Not Your Dope. She has studied musical theater, guitar, and piano. At the age of 16, she was featured on the Oprah Show with her sister, Anora, singing a song they’d written together. Lianna lives in Las Vegas with her best friend and dog, and enjoys watching horror movies, eating dumplings, long hikes, and collecting things found on said hikes.

Lianna 'Oly' Sylvan

Oly Sounds
Singer / Songwriter, Music Production, Vocalist
Las Vegas (California)




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